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Wienhoff Farms LLC

Pictured above are our 2019 Gold Standard Winners. They received a Gold standard hat and sign for their loyalty and patronage. Want to learn more about the Gold Standard program? Contact your local driver to see how you can become a Gold Standard Member.


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January 07, 2021
Learn more about the importance of changing your oil during the off season.
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November 09, 2020
Moisture in fuel tanks can cause many problems including plugged filters, tank corrosion, microbe growth and more. Ultimately, it can lead to downtime due to plugged filters or perhaps fuel injector or pump failure. This article provides tips for managing moisture before it causes problems in your tanks and in your equipment.
hydraulic cylinder istock photo Sep 2020 web optimized version.jpg
September 15, 2020
Choosing the right hydraulic fluid can pay dividends. But there is a lot to know in making a good decision. Viscosity, wear protection, water handling capabilities, foam suppression and oxidation resistance are among the most important considerations.
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