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General Managers Message 

Jim Milleville


At St. Clair Service Company we know the greatest Natural Resource is the people we employ. Each of our product areas features a full-service team to support your business. As the General Manager of St. Clair Service Company, I know that our service teams are ready to serve our farmer-patrons with professionalism and integrity.



We have a dedicated team of employees that have years of experience in providing our customers with exceptional service. St. Clair Service Company, a locally owned cooperative, serving St. Clair County residents since 1931.


         St. Clair Service Company


President              - Matt Myers, New Athens

Vice-President     - Joe Luechtefeld, Marissa

Secretary              - David Maurer, New Athens

Treasurer             - Brad Vahlkamp, Freeburg

                          - Kent Heberer, Belleville

                       - Jim Fournie, Belleville

                       - Daren Otten, Millstadt

                     - Rich Henss, Trenton

                         - Aaron Kramper, Marissa


General Manager, Jim Milleville

Marketing Manager/Controller, David Tippey

Credit Manager/Safety Coordinator, Amanda Suomela

Administrative Staff

                 Donna Abell          Payables/Accounting Team-Belleville

                   Jenny Geralds      Sales/Accounting Team-Belleville

                      Bri Lawter              Sales/Accounting Team-Belleville

     Julia Probst            Sales/Accounting Team-Belleville              

Crops Specialist:           

Bill Schnerre        Crop Specialist

                     David Schmitz        Certified Crop Specialist     

Duncan Ross       Crop Specialist

Energy Specialists:          

   Todd Brumley           Energy Salesman/Delivery

   Chad Reno               Energy Salesman/Delivery

   Greg Nordmann          Energy Transport Driver

FS Turf Solutions:

Sales Manager, Jeff Bohle

Grain Department:

Grain Merchanizer/Manager, John Seely

           Bob Brem                    Elevator Operator at Belleville

           Mike Fohne                 Elevator Operator at Belleville

           Mark Hammond        Elevator Operator at Belleville

                Jesse Anderson         Elevator Operator at New Athens

               Donna Kearns           Elevator Operator at New Athens

                   Jon Mason              Elevator Operator at Summerfield

                Curt Wagner                Elevator Operator at Summerfield

Main Warehouse and LP Gas:

Warehouse and LP Gas Sales and Service Manager, Gary Skaer

           Steve Schwaegel     Warehouseman/Sales Count

David Keim                       LP Service/Delivery

           Josh Brock                LP Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

           Denise Chandler     LP Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

Operations, Maintenance Shop and Spray Shed:

Operations Manager, Dan Dressel

Assistant Operations Manager, Kent Beisiegel 

           Jake Dorhman       Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

           Patrick Hoernis        Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

                    Kyle Kleinschmidt      Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

           Larry Matzenbacher        Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

                      Don Schaeffer          Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

           Andrew Wienhoff        Warehouseman/Delivery/Spray Truck Operator

FSLOGO 2clr (1)

The FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products. It's the people who represent the FS brand that set it apart. Always professional and dependable, FS specialists are trusted advisors who understand local needs.

FS companies are located in the Midwest and northeastern United States and in Ontario, Canada. Local FS Member Companies provide farm and non-farm customers with fuels, lubricants, propane, plant nutrients, crop protection, seed, structures, equipment, and grain marketing assistance. FS teams deliver unmatched technical expertise and a genuine interest in partnering in our customers’ success. FS Crop Specialists act as trusted advisors in day-to-day farm operations. FS Energy Specialists offer reliable heating, fueling and lubrication solutions to farm and non-farm customers.

FS companies are part of the GROWMARK System, and strive to be the best agricultural cooperative system in North America. FS employees are always ready to do more to move operations forward and never stop asking, "What's next?"

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