St. Clair Service Company Energy

Give us a call for your Energy needs today 618-233-0375. We can help you with your oil, grease, filters, tires, tanks, pumps, DEF fluid, and of course all of your fuel needs from gasoline, diesel, and LP gas. We offer Bio fuel blends on diesel from a B2 to B20 blend using Soy Oil made from soybeans. To help protect our customers from the unknown future of price changes we offer forward price contracts on LP gas, Gasoline, and Diesel products. On LP gas, we make it easy for a new customer to switch to us, with a free tank switch out and on your first fill we pay for 1/3 of the cost of the LP gas we delivered. On LP gas we also offer an eight, nine, or ten month yearly payment plan to help our customers budget their heating cost over time. We have a dedicated team of employees that have years of experience in providing our customers with exceptional service. St. Clair Service Company a locally own cooperative serving St. Clair County residents since 1931.​​