St. Clair Service Company Agronomy


Give us a call for your agronomic needs today 618-233-7680. We can help you with your herbicide, insecticide chemicals, corn, wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, and field seeds, fertilizer –Nh3, UAN, Dap, Potash, Urea, and special mixes, along with application of chemicals, fertilizer, and custom Nh3. To help protect our customers from the unknown future of price changes we offer forward price contracts on Nh3, UAN, Dap, Potash, and Urea. We offer deferred payment options on Seed, Chemical, and fertilizer products throughout the year along with prepay options. We can help you with your precision farming with virtual rate technology –VRT for application of your fertilizer, along with soil sampling, and field scouting. We have a dedicated team of employees that have years of experience in providing our customers with exceptional service. St. Clair Service Company a locally own cooperative serving St. Clair County residents since 1931.​