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Kick Off Your High-Yielding Corn with a Seed Inoculant

Seed inoculant boosts plant health and yield for greater ROI potential

Growers continue to push their fields for high corn yields. New hybrids, better nutrient management, fungicides and seed treatments play a big role in yield success. However, seed inoculants have emerged as a very effective tool.

Inoculants promote a healthier root system, especially early in the season, for:

  • Increased nutrient availability, including nitrogen, phosphate and potassium
  • Development of bigger roots, which help increase uptake of moisture and nutrients
  • Better plant growth and protection from diseases and insects
  • Increased yield potential

Three years of MiField Applied Research trials back up the performance of seed inoculants.

The trials revealed the seed inoculant QuickRoots® enhanced overall plant health and improved ROI through higher yields. In 90 trials over the past three years, QuickRoots helped increase corn yield on average by 4.2 bushels per acre.

“The inoculated crop always had more bushels at harvest than the non-inoculated strips, even in our trials in southern Illinois where soils are drastically different,” said FS Lead Weed Science Technical Manager Rhett Stolte. “With a 4.2-bushel increase, the ROI of an inoculant is $11.21 an acre.”

QuickRoots contains two microbes, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Trichoderma virens, essential for increasing nutrient availability. These microbes release phosphate in the soil not available to the plant to promote root growth. Stolte says more root volume increases moisture, nitrogen and potassium uptake for healthier plants.

“Healthier plants are less likely to have disease stress, unleashing the potential for higher yielding corn,” Stolte notes.

Stolte advises growers pre-treat their corn hybrid with QuickRoots in combination with fungicide and insecticide seed treatments.

“QuickRoots is not meant to replace current fungicidal seed treatments. The seed treatment helps mitigate early-season seedling disease, which can limit root growth. The microbial activity of QuickRoots expands root systems to overcome early-season stresses and provide late-season plant standability.”

For more on how seed inoculants improve plant health and increase yields, contact your local FS Crop Specialist or visit

Kick Off Your High-Yielding Corn with a Seed Inoculant