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Boost Your Corn’s Potential With A Starter This Year


Corn growers are constantly in search of higher yields. They look for an edge – an input – that will help them maximize yield each year.

Starter fertilizer is often that tool to give your corn an early kickstart for higher yields at harvest. Placed near the seed at planting, starters enhance seed development by supplying young root systems with essential nutrients to promote early growth. Starters are particularly beneficial when planting seed in cold, wet soils.

“In 2017, FS conducted MiField trials across numerous locations using various starter products. With saturated conditions early in the growing season favoring response, the results from the aggregated data demonstrated that fields treated with starters outyielded untreated fields by an average of 5.9 bu/a.” said Brendan Bachman, Applied Research Marketing Manager at GROWMARK.

Yields were even higher with InVigoron starter fertilizer from FS. According to a MiField focus trial conducted in Fulton County Illinois, a 5 gl/a rate of InVigoron helped boost corn yields by 8.3 bu/a over untreated acres. Even a lower starter rate of 3 gl/a increased yield by 5.4 bu/a.


If you are considering using a starter this coming season to give your seed a kickstart, your local FS Crop Specialist is your best resource. They can help you determine if a starter makes sense for your acres and the right starter for your soil. FS Crop Specialists will evaluate your soil profile and review the differences and benefits between the two most common types of starters, ortho and poly phosphate. They will also work with you to select the right starter blend and rate, along with the proper time and placement, that’s best for your farm.

See the details behind this starter trial in the 2017 FS MiField Trial Report. These results, compiled from over 1,400 side-by-side on-farm trials, tested varying agronomic practices to learn which practices can improve yield and profitability. Or contact your FS Crop Specialist at your local FS Member Company on how these trial results can be applied to your farm for a successful 2019 plan.

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